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Lead and inspire people with human touch.

About me

Born and brought up in a normal working-class family in God's Country, Kerala in India. School education was done at Carmel High School Chalakudy. A graduate in Mathematics, Christ College Irinjalakuda is my Almamater. But my strength factors like skills of leadership, public speaking, humane and moral values were inherited from my family itself.

Active involvement in religious community organization and the leadership positions I held like CML Diocese president, Kochi Regional Organizer which helped me to identify the leader in me. Participation in university, state level elocution and speech competition polished my oratory skills. A political ideology rooted in me by then. The responsibilities I had as a Mathematics Association Secretary, College Union Executive Member, University Union Councilor (UUC) were successfully done during my college days. A post-graduation degree in Computer Science from Bharathiyar University and in Human Resource Management from Pondicherry University sums up my educational asset. Conducted various development workshops and training programs for students and youths on various topics like leadership, motivation, career guidance, personality development during the graduation time itself.

I was privileged enough to be the torchbearer in many students lives while working as a resource person at the University of Calicut and different distance learning centres. After a few years of working moved into the IT profession involving into own startup, then bounced to the corporate world. Started my corporate career by working in Bangalore and Chennai and by the middle of 2015 moved to Asia's electronics capital, Shenzhen China. While working in China, climbed, and learned different ladders of life and career with different lessons and leadership skills. Working, living, and leading a team in China was exciting and challenging. Now leafing through the past, I feel proud of those moments and achievements. Working in and travelling to countries and cities help me to learn a lot of cultural difference and helps me to learn the essence of different working styles.

Currently living and working in Hong Kong and I am married, and I have 1 daughter and 1 son. Now leading as Group IT Director of SgT Group and IT Director of API

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples

Mother Teresa

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The world has plenty of critics already
Most proud of
Bulding exceptional multi-cultural teams

Build and connecting the team with a human touch and accepting the feedbacks candidly. Pay special attention to cultural difference in power distance and practised the policy of trust and respect which leads to the highest retention rate. Drive cultural diversity can positively contribute to peoples professional and personal enjoyment of the project as well as the project outcome.

Moulding new leaders

"Leaders make new leaders " ; I lead and nurture the leader inside each of my team members. Maintaining one to one meeting rhythm supports them in realizing their capabilities to lead a team by providing a positive favourable environment, suggestions and guidelines.

Amazing Solutions

Delivered effective digital transformational solutions for small to the large organization in the scope of budget and timeframes.

My Parents

Who made me realize how our attitude triggers our success and how hard work and determination accompanies in achieving our goals.

Food Photography

' It is with your eyes that you eat first.' Capturing snaps of delicious food items have always given me pleasure. The cooking trails captured with the lens has always fantasized me just like its taste.

Public Speaking

Talking to people about the topics I am passionate about has always been a pleasure for me. Technology, Human Resource, Digital, Leadership, Motivation is some among them.


Politics aimed at the benefit of ordinary people always wins my heart.


Teaching is an art, creative expression, craving for realizations, the highest form of understanding, to lighten the candle of knowledge, and to build a mind of potential and wisdom. - LV Talks