Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is any marketing initiates delivered on Internet. Due to the penetration of internet and mobility, it’s becoming vital role in any organization. Digital marketing is one of the most cost effective channels which can deliver results to large audience with affordable cost.

Digital Marketing

Pillars of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is powerful to generating business leads with limited cost resources to business owners. It covers lot of areas, but following are the key pillars based on my experience, also learned from digital experts.

1.)    Website

Website is the gateway of your business. No excuses. It is the digital space to showcase your products, services, expertise, who you are and what you do etc. Website is your online headquarters. It is the platform to show your brand image to bigger audience. Make sure your website makes good impression on your customers – easy to navigate, rich with contents, well balanced loading, mobile friendly (responsive design oriented), Rich User experience and customer engagement, great to look and convey a sense of tangible sense of trust.

Website must be integrated with SEO capabilities and friendliness. SEO (Search engine optimization) is the tactical element in website. SEO will help you position your website properly to be found at the most critical points in the buying process or when people need your site.

Website is the digital platform for your company or product branding.

Fact – 40% of people will abandon web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

2.)    Communication

A strong and knowledge wise communication can help you to build lasting, fruitful relationship with your clients. It helps to increase your customer life time, also improve brand awareness. In digital, we have lot of sources for communication, but we need to clearly define the communication channels in corporate level.

Email Marketing – fantastic and cost effective way to communicate with potential leads and generate business.

Social media – modern trendsetter in digital communication. It is one of the leading and easy ways to communicate and share your business. Utilize the power of various popular social media’s like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. It helps to engage with your existing and also with potential customers, also helps to strengthen close relationship ship with your customers, and also improves your brand image.

Blog – most informative communication platform. It is the space where you can show case your expertise knowledge and blog create huge amount of contents and that drives good traffic to your business and reputation.

 3.)    Advertisement

Online advertisement means user interacts to deliver or promote marketing messages to final customers. It includes Pay per Click (PPC), social media marketing, online banners, marketing campaigns, slideshows etc. Most time digital advertising goes together with SEO strategy. It is the quickest way to target your audience across the web and support your digital initiative campaigns.

Pay Per Click – PPC can deliver highly targeted traffic of potential customers within a very short period of time. It helps to get audience attraction quickly, also increase sales and profits.

Social media marketing – it is the process of using social media platform to boost brand awareness and reach more customers online. Different social media platforms works on different process, but the main advantage of this social media advertisement is – it helps to reach out to specific market and get traffic quickly.

Fact – On average, top 3 paid ad posts gets 41% of clicks.

4.)    Contents  

Online content is still king. It attracts both readers and search robots. It is quite simple and straight forward – more contents, more traffic and visibility to business. So your website must be comprised with rich contents, also your social media platform can generate lot of contents. Another important platform to generate content is Blog. When you make contents in blog, it educates, enlightens or entertains our target audience, we build trust and authority. We can leverage the richness of contents by using Slideshows, webinars, EBooks etc. Rich contents of website or blog bring powerful way to drive organic traffic to your business.

Fact – 63% of content marketers agree or strongly agree that it provides a positive ROI.

If you plan to leverage your business, open your eyes on digital marketing. Start and act now!

Happy Marketing!

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